Be open to receive, but not needy. Give without expecting anything in return. Aim for a goal, but be detached from the outcome. Love without guarantees and without reason. Have faith in the unseen. Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems. Everything is okay even when it feels like it’s not.  Stay […]

Eiffel Tower

In my last post, I got to thinking about why I’m compelled to travel thousands of miles from my home, and spend thousands of dollars doing so. Wouldn’t it be easier to just stay put? It all started with ballet. Ballet led to a dream of a foreign land where words sound like music, architecture […]


Recently, I was searching through childhood photographs looking for something frame-worthy for Mother’s Day. There are moments that are as soft as a whisper, beyond our memory. There I was at three, shortly after my brother was born, mimicking my mother by holding a Cabbage Patch doll as if it were my own baby. Then […]


Note: Teacher Appreciation Week was actually last week, but better late than never! I heard somewhere that we retain something like 3 % of the information we learn in school. That’s probably pretty accurate, considering even though I loved my senior English class with Mr. Shields, I can’t remember what exactly makes up a Sonnet, except that Shakespeare […]


Reason #131 why I love Italy: Farinata. Ever heard of it? I certainly hadn’t before I lived in Italy. On our first night eating out, four of us girls arrived at 7 pm to a completely empty pizzeria. We were perplexed, but hungry. So we stayed, feeling like the American zoo animals for the Italians to ogle. […]


Call me crazy, but THIS is one of the reasons why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE traveling: {source} I love the getting there almost as much as the destination. But PLEASE don’t put me in a car. No siree, the airplane’s the only way for me. One thing you should know about me is that I […]

The Hunger Games

I didn’t seek out The Hunger Games; it found me, before the sweeping publicity that came along with the movie debut. This book was placed in my hands as a must-read. As in, I MUST read it because it’s my job. It was selected by my colleague to be the novel for my advanced ESL […]


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